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Adventist WorldView

Pathways 2.0 applies the Adventist worldview in every unit. You will find the Adventist worldview chart at the planning and overview page of each Daily Lesson Guide (DLG).

The Adventist worldview chart is the conceptual tool for teaching and learning. The goal is for our faith to inform our learning and for Pathways 2.0 to have an authentic integration of faith and learning.

Each quadrant is used in the content of each lesson, listening, speaking, reading, writing and visualizing.

See sample page below.

Sample Page:

God’s plan of redemption is intentionally integrated into each unit of Pathways 2.0. Each Faith Connections chart seamlessly connects the unit to the guiding Bible text, overarching theme, essential question, big idea, and key concepts of the Adventist worldview.

Download a PDF of the Faith Connections content.

Download a PDF of this sample curriculum page.