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Big Ideas & Essential Questions

The essential question and big idea are articulated across the grade levels for each unit. Faith is the cornerstone of our Pathways 2.0 curriculum.


Essential questions engage the learners in making meaning and deepening their understanding of the unit.

For example, in the Heros unit the essential question is: What can we learn from hero’s that will enable us to be heroes for God?

Big Ideas state what skilled learners need in order to effectively transfer their learning to new situations.

For example, in the Hero’s unit the big idea is: God uses heroes to reveal who He is.


Recognition and respect for the diversity in our world is seen through the choice of anchor texts and instructional lessons throughout the program. By exploring big ideas and varying answers to essential questions, students are led to understand that the Bible is the standard for learning and living a life of faith.

Essential questions are core questions about the theme that allow students to probe for deeper meaning. Big Ideas is a way of usefully seeing connections with Adventist Worldview that has been created for each theme.

Essential Questions and Big Ideas focus on creating a unit of study with deeper meaning and better understanding of the content. The Essential Questions and Big Ideas in each theme of Pathways 2.0 integrate seamlessly with the theme’s Adventist Worldview that provide context and deeper thinking as student’s explore the unit theme and anchor text.