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Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop includes 70–90 minute reading instruction with the following components:

Whole group instruction is designed for 20 minutes including speaking and listening activities utilizing the anchor texts, and a comprehension mini lesson.

Small group instruction is designed for 70 minutes involving guided reading, literacy centers, buddy reading and independent reading.

The reading workshop starts with whole group instruction using the anchor text.

  • Shared read aloud
    for grades 1 and 2
  • Interactive read aloud
    for grades 3 – 6
  • Collaborative discussion
    for grades 7 and 8

The DLG provides at least three days of whole group instruction. Two days are reserved for completing lesson activities.

Guided reading is the time learners demonstrate their ability to decode, read fluently, and comprehend while reading at their instructional level. Guided reading lessons are not included in Pathways 2.0. It is recommended that teachers use a guided reading program, such as Reading A-Z, since leveled texts and lessons meet the needs and interests of each learner.

Note: NAD has special pricing for Reading A-Z. Contact your conference for information.